Circle Of Life

This was my first full collection. To my amazement Castle Fine arts saw them and wanted to represent me in their galleries, which was completely overwhelming. I’ve always found round designs appealing and my art always leans towards a circular form. That is what gave me the idea of the circle of life. As a huge lion king fan, the idea of the great circle of life in nature has always resonated with me and I wanted to acknowledge that in my art. I really try and give each of my animals their own characters and personalities.


Bubbles has a very special spot in my heart. He was the first piece in this collection, and elephants are my most favourite of animals. So intelligent and loving, they have always fascinated me. I was lucky enough when I was younger to visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage in Kenya and walk with the baby elephants and bottle feed them. A truly magical experience I will never forget.


 Penelope is directly inspired by a baby hippo I saw with a family group in Tsavo, Kenya in a river. We heard the group had a small baby but when we got there, we couldn’t see her. Just before we left, she came out and sat  on the riverbank. She was so cute and I fell in love!


Better Together

Better Together came to me one day whilst at my Dads friend’s zoo in Broxbourne, not long after they had bought in a new group into their zoo as a breeding program. The way they mate for life, I thought was really overwhelming, and I felt portraying a couple together in love just had to be done.