Circle Of Life - Togetherness

For my second collection I wanted to explore more behind  the stories for each piece. Stemming from the first circle of life collection, I felt I still had so many ideas. I decided to do each of my pieces in twos. Exploring more the relationships between the animal.

Pride & Joy

 This piece is a tribute to my own mum Joy, hence the name Pride and Joy. I think this is an emotion we have all seen first-hand from parents with their children. This strong family link is really expressed by the mother in this protective pose as she shelters her baby. My Mum always does above and beyond for all of us in the family, and truly puts us all before herself.  I really enjoyed sculpting these rabbits, as both of my closest friends are rabbit lovers and I have lots of happy memories associated with them!


Sugar & Spice

These two express more of a courtship than a couple I really wanted to try and capture those special moments at the very start of a romance. I think love and affection is such a massive part of many of our lives. I think this is true for animals too. One of my favourite films as a child was “The Aristocats”, and this piece is massively inspired by it.

Cute As Buttons

Owls are such beautiful, elegant creatures and sculpting this pair was a real pleasure, they easily evolved into this content design. We have a resident Barn owl in the barn across the field from the studio and luckily we often get to see her out and about at night. I believe this piece really captures the special feeling of safety and comfort felt when in a parent’s presence, as the baby owl sleeps carefree in the comfort of their mother’s care.