A commission is the perfect way to own a piece of bespoke artwork tailored to your needs. Working closely together, we can achieve the perfect sculpture that is unique and personal to you. Whether it’s a beloved pet, a meaningful gift, or a piece with personal significance, a one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture can capture the magic you’re searching for.

Why Choose a Custom Sculpture?

Personal Connection: Each sculpture is crafted with care, capturing the unique character and spirit of your animal.
Bronze: I work exclusively in bronze, ensuring a timeless, durable piece that will last for generations.
Tailored to You: Every commission is a collaborative process, allowing for personalized touches and specific requests.

My Process

  1. Consultation: We start with an initial consultation to discuss your vision and requirements. This includes understanding your animal’s personality, preferences for pose, and any special details you’d like included
  2. Approval: I create preliminary sketches or a loose maquette to give you a visual idea of the final piece. Your feedback at this stage ensures the sculpture will meet your expectations.
  3. Creation: Once the design is approved, I will then sculpt the piece to an almost complete. This involves detailed craftsmanship, with particular attention to capturing the essence of your animal. At this time you will have chance to have a final check
  4. Casting: After sculpting, the piece is then cast in bronze. I then hand chase and finish each piece myself with the patination process being the final touch to really bring your sculpture to life.


Previous Works

I have had the pleasure of creating various custom animal sculptures, including pet portraits and other wildlife.

Get in Touch

Ready to commission your own bespoke sculpture? Contact me to start the process, Together we can create a beautiful, lasting tribute to your beloved animal.